How to Improve Your Car’s Performance on a Budget

Sometimes, we just need a little more speed for our car. Maybe at some point of your life you’ve come across with a tuned car that is lined up with you on the red light. You both pushed the pedal hard and dashed through the open road. You felt the adrenaline and excitement until you saw the other car pass by you like it wasn’t trying at all. Then you suddenly realized that you have a slow car and it’s time to make things right.

There’s nothing wrong to make your car a little faster. But if you’re in a tight budget, you want to look for affordable ways on how to effectively modify your car to achieve your desired performance.

While it’s impossible to reach more than the speed of a Ferrari with a tight budget, you can still add more horsepower to your car. Here are some cheap modifications you can do to improve your car’s performance significantly.

Cold Air Intake
The intake is where air comes in. If a person needs a nose to breath, the car needs the intake to breath. Upgrading into a cold air intake can increase horsepower and also improve fuel efficiency. Just remember to replace air filters regularly so your car can freely breathe.

Exhaust and High-Flow Catalyst
This is how your car breathes out air, through the exhaust. Upgrade your exhaust and catalyst by replacing it with an aftermarket high-flowing exhaust and high-flow catalyst. This helps in reducing the amount of restriction in the engine that will increase the power. Not only you increase the horsepower, it’ll also make the sound of your car better.

Replace Tires and Upgrade your Brakes
Now that your car is fast, you need to have more traction and grip. Not only it’s safe but it makes your car faster. Replace your them with high performance tires to maximize your power. If you’re car is faster, you need to have powerful braking power. Replace your brake pads that are capable to stop the car at high speeds. This may not make you faster but prove to be safer.