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How to Plan An Effective Way to Get Full Custody of your Children

Marriages often lead to a happily ever after but some don’t which lead to divorce. And when a divorce is happening, assets have to be divided and terms and conditions must be made. Children will be involved which can create a huge impact on their emotional state. In this kind of case, claiming who neglect or abuse of the child will decide who can take full custody. Some claims may not be true even when you think it is. To increase the chance of taking the full custody of your child, you’ll need solid evidence to win.

A common case why couples get divorced is because of constant substance abuse. There are a lot of cases where an addicted parent abuses the partner or children because of under the influence. And when the parent is always under the influence, abuses or neglect will occur continuously until the partner can’t take it anymore to the point of filing a divorce.

To ensure the safety of your children and to win full custody, what you need is information and evidence that your children are in the wrong hands of your ex-partner. Hiring your very own private investigator can help you with your situation. A PI can conduct an investigation and gather information about your children’s welfare if they are truly safe with your ex-partner. This will establish a solid evidence to reveal the truth of your children’s welfare.

One thing private investigators are good at is finding things that you won’t be able to find by yourself. They can tell which is the truth and the lies on claims. They can do an extensive surveillance to provide documents, testimony, and evidence such as photos and videos for proof. Not only they do surveillance but also interviews and background checks on parents and their associates.

This will ensure you to uncover the truth on what you claim. A private investigator may document the environment where the child lives to see if the parent is constantly under the influence of alcohol or drugs which is unhealthy for the children.

As a parent, you only want your child to be happy and safe. And nothing is worse than seeing your children get taken away by the wrong hands. That’s why you need every resource you can have and hire a private investigator is your best chance of winning the custody battle. If you ever feel suspicious of your ex-partner’s ability to take care of your children, get a private investigator.