Pros and Cons of Key-less Door Locks

As the world of security constantly evolving, innovation has made a way through the locks of our residential or commercial place. Once only available for vehicles only, it is now widely used for our homes. The Keyless door locks.

Just like an evil villain about to access his secret lair, you won’t ever be needing keys but keypads to gain entry to your home. But just like fire and water, keyless door locks have their good and bad side. So if you’re thinking of getting these advanced high-tech locks, consider some factors on why and why not get a keyless door lock.


  1. It’s the main advantage of why everyone’s going for keyless door locks. Just like how the lock itself is called, there’s no key required. No need to carry a key anywhere you go, no need to worry if you forgot your keys, and there’s no need to hide any spare keys. All you have to do is punch the code and you can now lock or unlock your door.
  2. With the simplicity of changing codes, you can share your code with people who you can trust. There’s no need to duplicate extra keys to anyone who needs access to your home. And if security is compromised, just change the code.
  3. With the design and durability of this kind of lock, the technology behind this lock will make it impossible and hard to breach for unwanted guests. Not to mention that they’re easy to install, so anyone can able to install this lock without too much effort.


  1. Sometimes, we can’t avoid being forgetful when it comes to numbers. The biggest disadvantage of keyless locks forgets the code. This can result in a home lockout. Which brings us to number 2:
  2. Punching in numbers too many times just to get the right code can alert the authorities. While this is an advantage for intruders, it’s a disadvantage for the owner.
  3. While they are electrically powered locks, a power failure can affect the system of the lock. It can lead to a lockout until the power comes back on, or getting it locked but not properly which can be a huge problem. But systems today have a backup battery just in case this situation happens.