Signs of a Cheating Partner

The slowly dawning realization that your partner is cheating on you can cause many people to do some very silly things even if it turns out to not be true which can ruin a relationship that was fine!

Love can be a strange thing and while it may make you feel better to confront and yell at your partner if you think they are having an affair it is best not to jump to conclusions yet.

Before you confirm your suspicions look for more signs of cheating. There have been cases where a husband had been acting suspiciously and the wife confronted him one night when she got home, too late she realized that all her friends and family were hiding for a surprise party as she screamed at him.

His actions were innocent but to her, he seemed distant and secretive… how embarrassing! So get started by reading these signs of a cheating partner.

Mysterious phone calls
Do you sometimes get a call at home only to have it hang up when you answer? Or does your partner sometimes suspiciously take a call by talking very quietly or walking into other rooms away from your hearing? With mobile phones more and more common it is harder to detect this but another clue with cell phones is if your partner does not let you near their phone for some reason … incriminating evidence perhaps.

New smell
Does your partner start smelling differently? This can include the partner using perfume or aftershave more when they did not before or perhaps they smell of perfume or aftershave when coming home. The smells of cigarettes can also indicate they may be frequenting bars without you which could be suspicious too. Often you can smell these things in their clothes.

Some people can hide their cheating very well and act the same as if they were not. Most people, however, will not be that poker-faced and may exhibit guilty behavior such as looking uncomfortable around you, or suddenly becoming very quiet, or even becoming much louder and more talkative but usually about nothing. If their behavior around you becomes more erratic than usual they may be wrestling with guilt and it is showing in their voice, face, and actions.

Cleaning up
Another sign of cheating is the partner suddenly starts cleaning up fastidiously. They delete emails and websites very quickly and SMSes too, they wash their clothes very quickly to get rid of smells and stains; they clean their car interior very regularly and even their wallet. Destroying evidence is a sign of a cheater trying very hard not to get caught.

Starts working out
While you may be impressed that your partner out of the blue starts working out and taking more care of themselves this could be their desire to look good for their lover not for you! This is usually if they do this without consulting you or talking about it however as they are not thinking about you only their affair.

Odd friendships
Do your mutual friends start acting strangely? They may know what is going on but cannot or will not say.

Less time
Does your partner suddenly have less time for you? Do they go away on more business trips than usual? Work more overtime? Go out to do errands in the morning but takes the whole day?

Money changes
Do you notice your partner is spending much more than they used to? New clothes and more money being used on things you cannot pin down that might be gifts for their lover? Do your transaction records show they have used their cards at restaurants or hotels? That is a sure-fire sign of cheating!

As much as you don’t want to be right you know your partner best. If your gut instinct is telling you there is something wrong it may be that all these little things have formed into a feeling at the back of your mind without you consciously thinking about it. While evidence and clues are most important to judge the facts you cannot ignore your own heart and mind either. Sometimes you also may not believe it despite the clues and you may be like the woman I mentioned earlier who jumped the gun!

In the end, all cheaters let something slip, even if they stop cheating now years later you may find out from something small and innocent even. In any event, you must be sure before you take action on this or you could wreck a good relationship or even one that may have issues but are solvable. To be sure if your partner is cheating, it is best to hire a Private Investigator License Melbourne. They can surely help you spy and prove if your partner is cheating or not.