Smart Glasses: What are they and what do they do?

Glasses were believed to be invented between 1268 and 1289. They were usually worn by monks and scholars. And when books became a thing and are made for everyone to read, new designs were made and began the mass production of glasses.

Glasses were designed to correct and improve different types of vision problems. Some glasses protect your eyes from the sun’s dangerous rays which are called sunglasses. And because glasses are eyewear accessories, they have become a big part when it comes to fashion.

But as technology has been evolving, Smart technology has been taking over the world. From phones to cars, clothing to homes, everything is connected to the internet and intelligent. With this idea, combine technology and glasses is the result of Smart Glasses.

Today, not only glasses are used to protect your eyes and improve your vision, but they let you connect you to the online world of internet. The first smart glasses that were available to the public are the Google Glasses. Since then, countless companies developing their version of smart glasses that can do the different type of things.

Smart glasses are just like your normal eyeglasses. As there are different smart glasses made from other companies, some glasses can take pictures or capture videos and post on social media such as Snapchat and Twitter. And others could even let you watch videos.

Smart glasses have been so smart today that they can sense health and recognize the face of the people you meet. The innovation is limitless and can still be expanded. But smart glasses are more than just your medium to share pictures from your perspective and share to the world; they can also help people who have a hard time hearing and visually impaired.

But if you’re wondering why many people are still not wearing smart glasses, it is because they are still not that much of a need to replace your very own eyeglasses. Let’s face it, we just really don’t need smart glasses as of the moment as they are even expensive to own compared to our cheap regular spectacles.