What is a Self-driving Car?

The main point of a car is to make transportation easier. Their only objective is to get you from point A to point B. But as time progress, cars are becoming more reliable, convenient, safer, and faster to get to your destination. But these would be all for nothing with the car if there’s no one to drive. And that will all be changed in the nearest future – Driver-less Cars.

The past is long gone where you have to look for that specific album in your collection of countless CDs. Today, all you have to do is turn on the Bluetooth of your phone to the stereo to play your favorite tunes. Same with cars without the intervention of humans. Just like its name, a car that could be operated without a driver that can navigate through the roads.

Though they are not fully launched yet, there are some cars like Tesla that features autopilot but would still require the presence of a driver. Of course, you’ll never get rid of other people’s opinion like being skeptical because, let’s face it, what could be more dangerous than cruising on a highway inside a car without a driver?

Because of how advanced technology constantly gets, the main point of driver-less cars is to eliminate or lessen road accidents. It’s still a question whether this can be achieved or not but one thing is true and that is humans are dangerous on the road. Undisciplined drivers and human errors are the cause of accidents.

Self-driving cars definitely show that the future is here. But when can we expect these driver-less cars roam the streets? We can enjoy the benefits of these cars by 2020 and it was estimated by 2040, 95% of all the cars are complete driver-less. So, are you excited about the future or is it just another pointless and waste of resources trying to make the world a better place?