What is Ingestible Robots

Have you ever thought of eating a robot? It’s safe to think that the question doesn’t make any sense, but in the future, there could be a chance that humanity will be eating robots not as a source of energy but for the sake of health and medicine.

Researchers from MIT have been developing and testing robots that are edible and can perform tasks such as delivering medicines, treating wounds, and removing unwanted objects from the body.

The robot is 2 cm long made of magnets, and it is attached to dried pig intestine that is encapsulated in ice so that when it reaches the stomach, the ice will melt. It’s a pill with a robot inside. Though this is not the final model of the pill, they still have to find ways to solve the challenges it faces like making it clinically safe and fully capable of handling certain tasks.

Ingestible robots are not available to the public. In fact, it can take up to approximately six years of testing because they still have to go through vivo testing to animals to humans. The robot can be controlled by a remote with a human and can navigate through it way with the magnets.

When the time comes the robot pill is ready; the possibilities are endless in the world of medicine and research. The future is amazing with robots and medicine merging. Who knows what the future can offer? As long as the goal is to make the world a better place, then we have a bright future ahead of us.

So imagine you have an open wound on an arm from an accident. The doctor prescribed you with a pill that contains a little robot that is about to creep inside you. Then after you took the pill, you see your wound slowly healing until your arm is thoroughly cleaned. And all was done by a small robot inside in a capsule.