Which are More Convenient, Electronic or Traditional Locks?

Locks have been around for centuries, and they have been providing the security and safety of our belongings, homes, cars, and buildings. But thanks to innovation through the years, locks have been evolving constantly to the point of turning into electronics without needing any keys. This made the security somehow improved but what most improved is convenience.

Electronic locks are just like mechanical locks except your key is the code. Instead of using a key for access, you’ll only need to punch the numbers of your code on a keypad. But today, with the rise of smartphones and communication technology, you can access your locks with the use of your phone as long as it has wi-fi or Bluetooth.

The main difference between the two is having a key or no key at all. Traditional locks use a key for access. Losing your key is the biggest disadvantage especially when you’re in a rush. Or when you hand are full, you’ll have to put down whatever you’re holding just to grab the keys. If you need to give some keys to people, you’ll have to get your keys duplicated. But as long as your locks are not replaced, people will still have your keys which can make your locks vulnerable to unwanted guests.

For electronic locks, the only thing you’ll need is the code. You don’t have to search for your pockets or your bag to get your keys but instead, punch in the numbers, and you’re in. No need to have your keys duplicated to give to people who you trust.

One of the disadvantage that it could also compromise security because it’s easy to share the code. In contrast of that, you can easily change the code of your locks. Another disadvantage is forgetting your code. Some locks are way too high-tech that punching in the wrong codes too many times can alert the police. If you forgot the code completely, then the result would be a lock out.

Each electronic and traditional locks have their unique advantages and disadvantages when it comes to convenience. Consider these factors first before replacing your locks if you want to go electronics or vice versa.